Eating in the Car

Your Guide to Transmission Repair

If you have been in an accident and your transmission was damaged, or perhaps your car’s transmission is simply old and has stopped working, you will want to weigh the costs and benefits of fixing the transmission or simply selling the car as-is. In order to make the best decision in this situation, you need […]

2 Reasons To Buy An Automatic Transmission Vehicle

The choice of transmission system in an automobile is often determined by the personal preferences of a potential vehicle buyer in combination with a number of factors. The average automatic transmission vehicle will almost always be more expensive than its manual transmission counterpart. Manual transmission vehicle are also easier and often cheaper to service and […]

What to Remember When Buying a New Car Battery

Buying a new car battery isn’t as simple as you might think; there are many factors to consider when choosing a battery that will be strong enough to start your car, while still getting a battery that fits under the hood. Before you hit the auto parts store for a new car battery, note a […]